Lucky Charm Bingo Analysis

Lucky charms are synonymous with the hyper-sweet cereal that no sane parent would ever allow their children to consume. A few individuals in our workplace had the chance to try these as children, and according to all reports, they have never been the same since. There have been reports of couch-jumping binges and ravenous desires to stay up just a little bit later. Those with their own children will undoubtedly be trembling at this moment.

Thankfully, Lucky Charm Bingo is an entirely different story, although given the well-known sleep-depriving properties of screens – from tablets and smartphones to computers – it is clear that this particular bingo website can make you not really want to go to sleep, but instead keep playing until… well, until your heart palpitations force you to finally get some rest.

Standard Set-Up

Aside from that very evil mind process, this bingo website’s layout is rather typical. The landing page loads, and you are instantly faced with images that you would usually anticipate, such as balls, statistics, and so on… Oh, wait a second, that’s not totally accurate. Instead, there is a single large figure, £20, which alludes to the sign-up bonus, and an image of a hot-air balloon with the website’s distinctive text.

We have no idea what a hot air balloon has to do with any kind of fortunate charm. We don’t really like flying, so the idea of ascending into the sky in a giant inflatable is not very enticing. Perhaps the developers feel similarly, which is why they require a lucky charm to calm their nerves. Pagans, sorcerers, warlocks, and superstitious idiots. It doesn’t matter what you call them if that’s the truth, since they’ve created a website that looks rather great.

Active Start

The homepage is, to say the least, quite busy. Below the whole £10/hot air balloon section is an information bar in the manner of a news ticker that carries all the information on new and leading winners, along with their current prizes. This is a really astute approach, since it gives the impression that the website is active and not just stagnant, and that there is a genuine community at work (or should I say play) here. Below here is a step-by-step guidance to the registration procedure; MENSA rejects may breathe a sigh of relief; there are just three simple procedures.

You will discover several boxes with links to different sorts of games as you continue to scroll down. Honestly, it’s all rather hectic, and you can’t help but get the impression that all has been engineered to confuse you to the point of signing up and participating. We look for clarity in a casino, as well as the absence of prompts to click in order to get facts and tiny print about what’s on offer. Unfortunately, in this situation, they have created a website that is both cluttered and ambiguous, and they have neglected to guarantee that we can see precisely what is available without having to go to another page. Not a great beginning, let’s click and learn more.

Let the Games Commence!

By choosing the ‘Games’ option on the navigation bar, you will be led directly to the ‘Games’ area. No unpleasant shocks then. This is when things begin to fall into place. The first selection of games is ‘All,’ meaning that both bingo and slots/casino possibilities are shown as a single large collection of thumbnails.

In the past, we have had the misfortune of using a website where this is the only way the games are presented, i.e. there are no alternatives to sort by game type, such as poker, slots, or bingo. Thankfully, Lucky Charm Bingo has gone one step further, allowing us to see just the Bingo games on offer. Let’s do this by clicking Bingo.