Christmas Time Cash Truck Delivery

Preview of the Christmas Cash Truck Delivery Slot

Like other modern slot producers, Quickspin has released their Christmas slot in time for the holidays. It’s a reskin of the original Cash Truck, dubbed Cash Truck Xmas Delivery, with a few tweaks.

There are 1,024 chances to win on the slot machine, which features 5 reels and up to 7 rows. However, there are up to 16,807 possible outcomes during the course of the game. This very risky slot has many elements that can help you attain your goals. You’ll be able to take use of Tumbling reels, the Second Chance and Truck Raider bonuses, and the Buy Bonus function, in addition to the Wilds. If you want to win big at the real money slot, you should read on.

Schematic and Payment Schedule for Christmas Cash-in-Transit

This won’t be your normal cheery Christmas title; instead, you’ll get the “bad Santa” feel set to a metal music soundtrack. You’ll be spinning the reels of an Arctic journey loaded with tattoos, where anything may happen.

The paytable may be accessed by the three-bar button located to the right of the centrally-positioned reels. Inside, you’ll find the low-paying playing card suites, which may provide up to 0.6x your bet for the best combination, and the mid-paying flamers, picks, gas cans, elves, and Rudolph, which can award up to 2x your stake. If you have a winning combination that includes Santa, you can win up to five times your initial wager. The Wild symbol, shown as a blazing fire, appears on all reels and can multiply your wager by as much as five times for a winning combination.

The Quickspin button may be found just behind the three-bar button, while the Play button is directly beneath that. The next screen displays the Coins button, where your bet may be changed from $0.20 to $100 every spin. Just below the reels, from right to left, is the Total Bet configuration area, where you may alter your wager by clicking the minus (-) or plus (+) buttons, respectively. After the Balance screen, you’ll get the Win screen. To access the Truck Raider Bonus, you can pay 90x your wager by clicking the Bonus Buy button, which is located to the left of the reels and goes from bottom to top. This perk, together with the Doubler modification (detailed below), may be purchased for 360x the stake.

Mobile Device Time Slot for Christmas Cash Truck Delivery

Since the majority of modern slots are cross-platform, it should come as no surprise that the Cash Truck Xmas Delivery slot may be enjoyed on any modern mobile, desktop, or tablet device. Any device running iOS, Android, or Windows will be able to play the slot machine without any issues. The Cash Truck Xmas Delivery game, like most mobile slots, can be played on any screen size by loading it in any browser.

Christmas Cash Truck Base Slot Game

The Wild in Cash Truck Xmas Delivery, a real money slot game, stands in for any other regular symbol to complete winning combinations.

The Tumbles are the next thing you’ll see. After a successful spin, the winning symbols vanish and a random number (between three and five) of the locked spots on the reels are unlocked. If you make another winning combination, the process repeats and the leftover symbols fall down onto the grid. If all slots are unlocked, the maximum number of possible winning combinations is 16,807.

Free Spins and Bonuses on the Cash Truck Christmas Delivery Slot

One of the most important bonuses for Cash Truck Xmas Delivery is the Second Chance Bonus. When 2 Scatters are dropped on the unlocked zone, it activates. When this happens, everything in this region will vanish, save for the two Scatters. In addition, the game randomly unlocks three locations on the closed region, like in the original, and additional symbols fall to fill in the gaps.

The Truck Raider bonus round is activated if you collect three Scatter symbols. If more than three Scatters are needed to initiate the bonus round, you will be awarded one additional Expander symbol for each Scatter. At the beginning of the round, a Bet Multiplier value is assigned to each symbol and three Gift symbols are distributed at random throughout the board. You get three rounds of free spins where nothing but bonus symbols, fresh gifts, and blanks show up. When a fresh set of symbols lands on the reels, the current Spin count is reset to 3. All visible symbol values are multiplied by the wager when the round ends.

Here are some clarifications on the above-mentioned special symbols. Every time you get the Spin counter back to 3, the Doubler we discussed earlier will increase by a factor of 2. When the Super Grabber appears, the values of all symbols in the unlocked area are added to the total on the following spin. The Grabber accumulates the worth of each symbol. When the Super Booster falls on the reels, it boosts its value to all open symbols. The Booster multiplies all open symbols by its value, while the Expander randomly frees three spaces in the closed region.

Payout percentage, jackpot, and volatility for the Cash Truck Christmas Delivery slot

Cash Truck Xmas Delivery is, as was stated, an extremely unpredictable slot; yet, the average RTP is 96%. Its maximum payoff is an incredible 25,000 times the initial wager.

The slot machine has a maximum payout of $2.5 million if you play with the maximum stake of $100. If you’re feeling very risky, you may win as much as $2.5 million by betting maximum on as many spins as possible.

Decision on Christmastime Cash Truck Delivery

Among the many cheerful, charming, and cartoony Christmas slots that have been released recently, Cash Truck Xmas Delivery stands out as a welcome change. With its hip, shady Santa feel, exciting game design, and potentially life-changing jackpot, this slot machine is at the top of every player’s wish list. If you’re a high roller hoping to win big, you should definitely try out one of the online casinos we suggest.